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MedBASE Solutions Inc.

For April 2024 Schedule of Benefits fee updates to MedBASE Full and MedBASE Lite Click here

OHIP Medical Billing Software for Ontario Physicians
The MedBASE Billing System is Available for Windows or Macintosh.
It allows fully computerized OHIP billing with an easy to use interface.

MedBASE has been helping Ontario physicians submit billings to the Ministry of Health for 25 years. We have solutions that range from solo practioners billing from home to multi-center hospital wide billing systems for hundreds of physicians.

The MedBASE Software is V03/Y2K compatible and includes support for MC EDT, EDT Direct Dial and DataPac Access.

MedBASE offers several packages:

MedBASE Full - $999, plus $360/year support
MedBASE Lite - $499, plus $200/year support

MedBASE Small Network (5 workstations/ 25 providers) - $3000, plus $100/month support

MedBASE Enterprise (per 100 provider license) - Please contact for pricing


For more detailed Pricing info Click Here


OHIP Virtual Care Billing guide

Download MedBASE Brochure (pdf)
E-Mail address: